What things can be done to avoid probate?

A simple way to avoid probate is to give away property during your lifetime.  But there can be consequences because you lose control and cannot recover the item, cash or property just by asking.  The new owner has to agree to return something to you or even use funds for your benefit.  You should only…
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What happens to my belongings and accounts if I die without a will?

The State of South Carolina has a plan for you called “intestate succession”.  After someone steps forward to begin the probate process he or she will address payment of various debts and estate expenses, like the funeral, last medical bills, last utilities, legal fees, probate costs, etc. After these expenses are paid, then what remains…
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What is the scoop on charitable giving this year?

Elon Musk of Tesla was asked to fund a six-billion-dollar donation to the UN to address world hunger. He agreed to give provided they presented him with an acceptable detailed plan on how it was to be accomplished. Even such a large gift (2% of his estimated wealth) would not be a permanent solution. Solving…
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